Resurrection Engine

by Empyrean

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In modern cultures death is viewed as an end of sentient life, but what if death was just the beginning? Through the ages mankind has had a fascination with the concept of the beyond, a realm where the spirit roams free from corporeal binds, to gather a greater knowledge and understanding of man’s most prominent and agonizing question: “Why?”

Resultantly, there have been numerous accounts of attempted commerce with the dead. Most of these excursions are dismissed as mere pseudo science, or worse, deemed the ravings of the desperate and delusional. Our ancestors however, viewed this communication from another realm as invaluable in the planning of quests, the pursuit of knowledge, and the very path to spirituality. Mediumship was a common practice among even the most staunch religious devotions, and leaders of the most advanced cultures from the far east, spanning the west, kept practitioners of these arts close at court. But where do the lines between myth and mysticism blur?

The practice of Alchemy is widely simplified to greed of men reaching out selfishly to perform magical metallurgy, in pursuit of riches or eternal life. In truth, Alchemy was a practice of some of the most knowledgeable minds of the ages, from Plato to Newton, Aquinas, Pythagoras, and Socrates. The practice not only led the foundation for modern scientific method and understanding, but still to this day is used in the concept of transmuting various isotopes in nuclear reactions. Upon closer inspection, one finds that Alchemy is not merely the smoke and mirrors, but an allegory, and perhaps more, a quest for the transformation on man in his basest form into something far more suitable for commune with the divine.

One of the primary tenents of modern scientific investigation of spirit related phenomena, is the basis that said spirits are able to manipulate energy in our dimension to affect changes, and more simply, to manifest. That is to say that, in order for a spirit to manifest, it must draw the energy to do so from an outside source, being freed of the physical plane, it no longer can do so on its own. Again and again, in studies of hauntings, investigators report occurrences of “cold spots” shortly before mysterious and seemingly unexplainable events take place. These spots are widely considered to be the actions of spirits drawing upon thermal energy and transferring it to the kinetic energy of, for example, slamming a door.

So if spirits could seemingly make themselves so easily known to us, why doesn’t every place on earth report massive specter activity?
It is also widely regarded that spirits do not find this displacement of energy to be a trivial pursuit, but a taxing task, that often is the action of a highly disturbed spirit, or, at least, one that has come into circumstances where, naturally or otherwise occurring, the scene is set and ripe for such activity.

The manipulation of magnetic fields is yet a further aspect of our inquiry. Obviously, in the physical realm, we all are aware that each living being, and many of our current electronic devices, even the poles of the earth, are constantly emitting strong electro magnetic fields that interplay on each other. Almost anyone will tell you that the change of the tides, or a full moon, seems to have a dramatic effect on peoples emotions, and in science, we can see evidence of this effect more readily when strong fields are present artificially. Often times, when people experience sensations of discomfort, chills, or the sensation that they are being watched, what they are often experiencing is similar to feelings they might experience when they are exposed to strong changes in these fields artificially. Further, upon investigation, many tribal cultures throughout time, and our animal brethren alike, repeat these phenomena, as many of the holy sites and forbidden places of these cultures center around naturally occurring spikes in these fields, effected by the likes of cave systems, crystal deposits, and other solar and atmospheric conditions.

But who is to say that these effects necessarily be so different? Our conclusion is that, in these naturally ideal conditions, it is not improbable that strong spiritual activity is not only possible, but logical. If these cultures believed in life that a specific area was a revered place of the dead, then it is not unlikely that their spirits would gravitate to that place in death, and create experiences for those among the living that would strongly reinforce their ideas of what death actually is. It is simple enough to dismiss mysticism as ridiculous for many, but as the old adage goes, “In every joke, there is an ounce of truth”.

Man has been given a gift of logical thought process, and again, it seems to us illogical that he invent in almost every culture on earth, a precept of life after death, or at least consciousness post passing from this realm. It seems even more unlikely, that so many of these beliefs are so vastly similar, unless they are rooted in a universal experience, that vast unconscious that is so intriguing, and still often so far from our grasp. Not unlike emotions, dreams, or other sensory experiences, it is logical that all these examples ultimately drive our basest processes, but it is also illogical that they not be dramatically simplified, unless there is something greater to be understood in them.

And what if you could ask those questions, not as an adept, medium, or other specialist, but unravel the mysteries of the world as the common man always has, through it’s exploration in technology? Is it that improbable that man might recreate the conditions for spirit manifestation to such ideal purpose, that spirits would not gravitate towards them as well? Imagine the possibility of knowledge and information top be gained- would we be able to comprehend, would we even want to hear it?

It is upon these theories and observations that a design for a means to facilitate spirit manifestation was built. An apparatus of sorts that would combine scientific technology and arcane ritual; a device that draws upon elemental properties to replicate naturally occuring electrical pulses and amplify them one hundred fold: a power source from which specters could draw unimaginable power needed for full manifestation, for the re-animation of the souls of the dead. This Resurrection Engine would change the means by which we define life on earth, would provide the answer to questions as old as time itself, would realize the final evolutionary stage of man: a machine that could give sentience to spiritual entities.

This is the basis for the first full-length album from Orlando, Florida based ensemble Empyrean, a quintet of unlikely colleagues drawn together by a common desire to create evocative and deeply meaningful music. Having spent the last few years establishing themselves at the forefront of the Florida music scene with their 2006 self titled EP, Empyrean strives to do something more with their music in 2009. Moving away form the more commercial styling of their initial release, the band has drawn from its more obscure influences to create an intricate conceptual masterpiece that delves into oppressively dark alternative, inspiringly epic melodies, and desolately crushing progressive metal riffs. These set the mood for the subversive and eccentric themes on reality, spiritualism, and the quests for knowledge and salvation that initially drew the band together.


released July 24, 2009

Empyrean is:

Adam DeLancett - Vocals
Mike DeLancett - Guitar
Ian Lachowicz - Guitar
Ricardo Martinez - Bass
Drew Brome - Drums

All songs written and recorded by Empyrean.
Engineered by Mike DeLancett.
Album art and lyrics by Adam DeLancett.



all rights reserved


Empyrean Orlando, Florida

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